Why I Write and What I Write

My books, stories, songs, and poems are an answer to a calling which compels me to put into words (to the best of my ability) reflections on the human condition.  My goal is twofold.

First it is to share stories which embrace real themes such as divorce, autism, homelessness, P.T.S.D., childhood poverty, illiteracy, aging, and others, against a backdrop of the goodness, strength and divinity which exist in all of us. I write with the intention to uplift spirits, inspire goodness, make you smile, and most importantly to raise awareness.

Secondly, earnings from my writing go to support charities which champion the causes explored by the themes in my books. It is my intention to never become a rich author. God has blessed me with a good mind, a strong work ethic, some talent for writing and the desire to change the world for the good if only in a small way through words I write, the stories I tell, and what I can give to others.

Thank you for visiting my site and reading what I write.


Edward Reed