Edward Reed Quotes

A Few Quotes


If I could see 20/20, I would close my eyes.                                                                                                    Edward Reed 2020

We must never accept. “The way things are,” is the “The way things have to be.”    Edward Reed 2018

We can call the sun the moon and the moon the sun, but the days will be just as long and the nights just as dark.  -Edward Reed 2019

My grandpa told me there are two reasons folks pick on others; one is they haven’t looked at themselves in a mirror lately and the other is that they have. -Edward Reed 2019

Any attempt to undo all the pain and suffering of past mistakes is like greasing a nail after stepping on it. We can only correct the future. -Edward Reed

One our way to the circus my grandpa told me, I would get more out of the show if I spent more time watching that elephant, than watching the elephant’s poop. -Edward Reed

Don’t let what you don’t have keep you from using what you do have, and don’t let what you  can’t do keep you from doing what you can do. -Edward Reed

Time makes mortals of us all; love immortal. -Edward Reed