Lets You and Them Fight

There once was a group of wicked rulers who took their greatest pleasure in the evil practice of turning their subjects against and making them enemies of each other.

After the wicked rulers starved their subjects almost to death, skin and bones, they would drop them into a pit where there was only enough food for one. Then these rulers watched from above where they were safe, far from the horror which played itself out in the torch light below.

Then when the wicked rulers grew tired of watching they would toss in a dagger or club or some other weapon which always brought the affair to a speedy close.

It is an old, old game, this game the wicked rulers played and its still played today. The game even has a name.

Its called, “Lets you and them fight.”

Then one day, expecting to see this game played out yet again, the wicked rulers gathered around their pit only to be disappointed.

That day, the starving, skin and bones, people below them would not fight each other, they did not reach for the food, nor did they reach for the weapons tossed in by evil hands.

Instead they only looked up with saddened eyes at the lost souls staring down and shook their fist. It was all they could do with what little strength that remained in their withered bodies.

They would not play the game the wicked rulers wanted them to, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

They would not play, “Lets you and them fight,” and nor should we.

Tragic as it is, this is not a work of fiction. We are being played.

Edward Reed 2020